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Collections of participating institutions

The herbarium GZU   //   Karl Franzes University of Graz; Austria

  • GZU - general herbarium of phanerogamic plants with important incorporated collections, mostly former private herbaria e.g. Conrath (South Africa, Caucasus and SE-Europe), O. & I. Degener (Hawaii), Ecklon & Zeyher (South Africa), C. v. Ettingshausen, K. Fritsch, D.H.Hoppe, Josef (Anton) Kerner, F. Kra�an, Lemperg, Nees ab Esenbeck, Nemetz (Flora Byzantina), M. Salzmann, Schmarda, Thwaites, Wallich, Wight, Woynar, G. Zenker.
  • GZU - algae
  • GZU - fungi and myxomycetes (single specimens, mainly collected by J. Poelt and his former students, as well as a few full sets and several substantial fragments of important exsiccata series)
  • GZU - lichens
  • GZU - lichenicolous fungi
  • GZU - bryophytes
  • GZU - plant fossil collection (former private collection of C. v. Ettingshausen)

The herbarium JE - Herbarium Haussknecht   //   Friedrich Schiller University Jena; Germany

  • JE - general herbarium
  • JE Weigel - collection of Christian Ehrenfried Weigel (1748-1831), stored separately

The herbarium W   //   Natural history Museum Vienna; Austria

  • W - the general herbarium of phanerogamic plants
  • W-Krypt - the general herbarium of kryptogamic plants

The herbarium WU   //   University of Vienna, [former] Institute for Botany; Austria

  • WU-Generale - the general herbarium of phanerogamic plants
  • WU-Halácsy-Europaeum / WU-Halácsy-Graecum - former private European & Greek herbaria of 
    Eugen von Halácsy
  • WU-Keck - former private herbarium of Karl Keck
  • WU-Kerner - former private herbarium of Anton Kerner von Marilaun
  • WU-Melk - incorporated collections of the Monastery of Melk / Lower Austria
  • WU-Pteridophytes, WU-Bryophyta-Musci, WU-Bryophyta-Hepaticae, WU-Algae, WU-Lichenes, 
    WU-Mycologicum, WU-Fungi-Generale, WU-Carpologica, WU-Liquor, WU-Xylotheca

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