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Collection W-Rchb. 1889-0006998
Type information

Isotypus for Gerbera schimperi Sch. Bip.
Flora 27 (45): 780 (1844)
Current Name: Gerbera piloselloides (L.) Cass.

Typified by H.v.Hansen, 1983
Taxon Gerbera piloselloides (L.) Cass.
Family Asteraceae
Collector Schimper Iter abyssinicum Sectio prima: plantae Ado├źnses 185
Date 1837-06-11
Location Ethiopia / Tigray
Label In vertice montis Scholoda inter lapides.
det./rev./conf./assigned H.v.Hansen, 1982
ident. history orig: Gerbera (Leptica) schimperi; H.v.Hansen, 1982: Gerbera piloselloides
annotations U.i. 1840
Isotype of G. schimperi Schultz-Bip. (1844: 780)
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