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Collection WU 0032450
Type information

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Taxon Orobanche purpurea Jacq.
Family Orobanchaceae
Collector Schneeweiß,G. et al. 8107
Date 2002-07-16
Location Georgia — 41.39° / 43.32°  
Label Samtskhe-Javakheti, valley of river Kura (Mtkvari): gorge between monastery of Vardzia and castle Khertvisi. 43°19'03'' E 41°23'32'' N. 1260 m.
det./rev./conf./assigned G. Schneeweiß, A. Tribsch, M. Staudinger& P. Schönswetter (WU)
ident. history Schneeweiß, Tribsch, Staudinger & Schönswetter: Orobanche purpurea
annotations Duplum in W LI
Chromosome number n=12.
Published in: Schneeweiss GM, Palomeque T, Colwell AE, Weiss-Schneeweiss H (2004): Chromosome numbers and karyotype evolution in holoparasitic Orobanche (Orobanchaceae) and related genera. target="_blank">American Journal of Botany 91: 439-448.
Published in: Schneeweiss GM, Colwell A, Park JM, Jang CG, Stuessy TF. 2004. Phylogeny of holoparasitic Orobanche (Orobanchaceae) inferred from nuclear ITS sequences. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 30: 465-478

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