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Collection W 0046581
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Taxon Ornduffia parnassifolia (Labill.) Tippery & Les
Family Menyanthaceae
Collector Bauer,F.L. s.n. [s.d.]
Date s.d.
Location Australia
Label In nova Holl. merid.
det./rev./conf./assigned annot. L. Pignotti (W) 2013-04-12
ident. history annot. L. Pignotti (W) 2013-04-12: sub Villarsia parnassifolia = Ornduffia parnassifolia
annotations [collection data from specimen W 0046580]
Possible original material of drawing (1547)a, F.L. BAUER, NOV. HOL. Nr. 915-a, fig. 31 Villarsia parnassiifolia (Labill.) R. Br. in Pignatti-Wikus, E., Riedl-Dorn, C. & Mabberley D. J., Rend. Fis. Acc. Lincei s. 9: 206, 220. 2000. Annot. L. Pignotti (W) 2013-04-25
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