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Collection W 1910-0006006
Type information

Isotypus for Viola pascua W. Becker
Bull. Inst. Jard. Bot. Univ. Belgrade 1 (1): 34 (1928)
Current Name: Viola beckiana Fiala subsp. pascua (W. Becker) Trinajstić

Typified by D. Reich & C. Pachschwöll (WU) 2019-02-20
Taxon Viola pascua W. Becker
Family Violaceae
Collector Dimonie,M. Plantae macedoniae s.n. [1909-06]
Date 1909-06
Location Macedonia — 41.16° / 22.23°  
Label In pascuis alpinis mt. Porta pag. Huma [Хума] op. Ghevgheli [Greece or North Macedonia] alt. 1800 m. [D. Reich (WU) 2019: Mounted together with a second gathering of V. eximia: "orig.: Viola beckiana; G. Tomović: Viola eximia; In pascuis alpinis Cara-tach [protologue: Karataš (Schwarzberg)] pag. Gramaticova prope Vodena [Edessa, Έδεσσα]].
det./rev./conf./assigned G. Tomović 2008
ident. history orig.: Viola beckiana; G. Tomović: Viola eximia
annotations D. Reich (WU) 2019-02-20: Concerning to upper gathering: According to the protologue (Becker 1928) the holotype is deposited in the Herb. Velenovský and thus probably to be found in PRC. Concerning to lower gathering: this is maybe the same gathering as one of the paratypes given in the protologue, but with a different altitude (1600 m vs. 1100 m), thus typus probabiliter.

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